7 Easy, Healthy Breakfasts to Start the Day Off Right

greek yogurt with fruit and granolaNow that we're nearing the close of August, we just can't kid ourselves any longer. Summer's about to come to a close, and parents must welcome back the crazy weekday, pre-school rush act. Those early AMs when it feels next to impossible to get a healthy meal on the table for ourselves and the kids in a quick, easy way.

But there's really no reason to dread the hunt for the perfectly fast and nutritious breakfast. Here, a few ideas to help you start your day off on the right bite ...

  1. Oatmeal - Instant or not, throwing some old-fashioned oats in a bowl with equal parts water and popping it in the microwave is a perfect, filling antidote to a chilly fall morning.
  2. Frozen whole-grain waffles - Kids of all ages (including my fiance) dig these for a toasty and fast breakfast.
  3. Banana smeared with peanut (or almond) butter - This is my go-to when there's not a lot of time in the morning. Also tastes super-yummy on toast!
  4. Muffin tops - Frozen "muffin tops" like VitaTops, which you can warm up in the microwave or toaster, are a quick way to get a lot of fiber and protein in fast without spending lots of time baking.
  5. Make-ahead frittata - Consider baking up a few of these on a Sunday night, then freezing them. Then, you can heat one up quickly in the morning and poof! -- gourmet b-fast!
  6. Greek yogurt with fruit and/or high-fiber cereal - Instead of combining cereal with milk, try mixing it into high protein yogurt to keep blood sugar stable longer.
  7. Quickie morning quesadilla - Mix sharp cheddar with apple slices in a whole grain tortilla for a savory-sweet fix.

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What's your favorite go-to quick, healthy, easy breakfast?

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