'Thoughtful' Thief Accused of Breaking, Entering, Stripping, & Baking a Pie (VIDEO)

chicken pot pieWhen you think of a burglary, you usually don't visualize the thief breaking into your home in order to bake a pie, right?! But that's exactly what happened recently in Salisbury, Maryland when 22-year-old Russell E. Neff allegedly broke into a home ... but, hey, not after knocking first! (Weird, right?)

The house's owner was home, but upon hearing the commotion, hid upstairs. In the meantime, Neff decided to take off all of his clothes -- save his underwear, whew! -- and bake up a chicken pot pie. When the cops showed up, they found the guy hunkered down in the living room with the TV remote control. I know -- completely nuts!

Can you even imagine? It's like a mom's worst nightmare and fantasy rolled into one.


Obviously no one wants to come home only to find that a random burglar has broken into their home ... But who wouldn't want to come home to a surprise dinner on the table?! Especially when it's chicken pot pie. Yum ... Talk about a no-fail family fave! Ha!

Okay, but seriously. The burglar's dinner of choice may have been comfort food, but there's clearly nothing comforting about this bizarro story at all.

In the end, the "chicken pot pie burglar" was carted off by officers and was charged with first-degree burglary, theft less than $100, malicious destruction of property, and resisting arrest. Eeek! No delicious, hassle-free dinner is worth dealing with a fiasco like this!

Check out this news report for more on the strange incident ...

Can you believe this?!

Image via The Marmot/Flickr

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