Deadly Cantaloupe Outbreak Should Have You Checking Your Melons

cantaloupeThis food recall is serious, folks. Unlike many recalls that are done just as a precaution, people are actually dying this time from tainted cantaloupe. So far the funky fruit is responsible for 141 illnesses, including 31 hospitalizations, and two deaths in 20 states, all from salmonella food poisoning.

Those are just the cases we know about too; it's possible there have been many more cases that just have gone unreported. According to CDC,  the source has been tracked down to a farm in southwestern Indiana that distributed across the country. From California to New Jersey and plenty of other states in between, people have been falling ill from its cantaloupe.

This follows the big Trader Joe's cantaloupe recall last month, and of course, who could forget the deadly cantaloupe recall last year. I don't know about you, but I'm really starting to rethink this fruit for my family.


Here's what you need to know THIS time, according to the CDC:

  • Consumers who recently purchased cantaloupes grown in southwestern Indiana are advised not to eat them and discard any remaining cantaloupe.
  • Based on the available information, consumers can continue to purchase and eat cantaloupes that did not originate in southwestern Indiana.
  • Many cantaloupes have the growing area identified with a sticker on the fruit. If no sticker is present, consumers should inquire about the source. When in doubt, throw it out.

They're also investigating whether other melons may be affected. Ugh. I just want to eat food without fear. It's especially frustrating when it's healthy foods that are affected in this way. Here you are trying to do the right thing -- feeding your family fresh fruits and veggies -- and then it turns out to be all sorts of wrong.

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Apparently food safety experts are angry too. Food-safety advocate Nancy Donley told USA Today she's "hopping mad" about this latest one.

These illnesses and deaths are preventable. This shouldn't have happened.

But it did, once again. So check your melons, people.

Have you ever been affected by food poisoning? Do you have any of these cantaloupes?


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