Turkey Sausage Recalled in 23 States Because It May Contain Glove Parts


latex glovesOoh, you know what would make that turkey sausage so much tastier? How about GLOVE PARTS? Yum, yum, a little latex makes the ground turkey gizzards go down. Unless gloves aren't your thing.

Well too bad, someone has already gone and put glove sausages out on the market. Not on purpose, of course! But yeah, 48,907 pounds of turkey sausage have been recalled because they may contain glove parts. Ew! I bet you're wondering where this lovely recall is and how you can avoid the glove sausage, am I right?

It came from Wisconsin. (Sounds like the trailer for a horror flick!) The sausage came from a plant in Wisconsin, but unfortunately the sausage was sent far and wide across our sausage-eating nation. So here's the 411 on this sausage recall so you can protect yourself from glove bits.

Be on the alert for Johnsonville Sausage's "Turkey Sausage With Cheddar Cheese." Check the USDA mark of inspection "EST. P-34224" and the date "8/20/2012." The sausage was sold in Alabama, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Michigan, Mississippi, Nevada, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Washington, and Wisconsin. In other words, almost half the states in the Union. 

Unfortunately, this isn't one of those less-scary recalls where contamination was discovered through an inspection. Instead, it came about because of TWO consumer complaints. I'd like to pause a moment to honor those poor souls who discovered glove in their sausage. (SHUDDER.)

Yeah. So I guess it could be worse -- no illnesses have been reported linked to the contamination. But I don't know ... I'm feeling a little funny about eating sausage now. If gloves could get into the mix, what else could fall in? And what are the chances you'd even recognize a foreign object ground up?

Does your family eat sausage regularly?


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