Genius Restaurant Promises Cheaper Food to People Who Hand Over Their Cellphones

phone at restaurantThere's a restaurant in Los Angeles that's into this thing called "talking to the person you came to dinner with" and it's really mind-blowing. The vanguard eatery called Eva is run by owner and innovator Mark Gold and they're offering patrons a 5 percent discount to check their cellphones at the door. That's right, it means no texting, no face-timing, no Instagramming your alleged "food porn" during dinner. Instead of engaging with your Twitter followers, you are subsequently forced to engage with your dinner date. Shocking, I know.


Gold says it's not because people who talk on the phone during dinner are annoying, he explains that he just wants people to talk more to each other, and less to the mystery person on the other end of the phone. I'm not sure if I believe Gold when he says that the option to check your cell isn't in response to some obnoxious chatters who can't put their iPhones down, but I agree with the idea nonetheless.

According to Gold, about half of those asked to hand over their beloved phones do, and willingly. Patrons who participate are generally grateful for the opportunity to take a break from the little rectangular device that's with them morning, noon, and night.

I am so on board with this cellphone-checking idea, it's not even funny. I hate when I'm out with a big group, say there's eight of us, and I look around and there are 10 phones on the table. You know, because some have a personal and a work device. I get that you want to stay connected, whatever that means, but hello, I'm here, we're all here, let's connect with each other, nahmean? And don't get me started about how everyone's always taking pictures of their food. Gag me with an Instragammed spoon. We get it. Your steak is "beautiful." Bite me.

Next time I'm in L.A., I'm heading to Eva and I'm checking my phone, and my attitude, at the door.

What do you think of this policy?


Photo via Lordcolus/Flickr

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