Cinnabon Has a Love Child With Pizza & Its Name Is Pizzabon

pizzabonHey everybody, it's the frankenfood none of us have been asking for! Pizzabon, Cinnabon's solution for the ineffable flatness of pizza. And if you're lucky enough to live in Atlanta you might get to sample a little of this fantabulous delicacy for yourself. They're market testing the creation at the Cumberland Mall. Denizens of the ATL, walk, do not run.

Did I say no one has been asking for this? Silly me. That's not how fast food works! It's all about gifting us with something we DIDN'T EVEN KNOW WE WANTED. Like pizza twisted into the shape of a cinnamon roll. I can only hope that instead of traditional pizza crust they used the same-O puffy, glutinous, sugary cinnamon roll dough. Want to hear more about this marvel of culinary science?


This is just one of supposedly a few Cinnabon creations the chain is whipping up in its Cumberland test kitchen -- excuse me, Cinnimaginarium. What other marvels await us, I wonder? Gyrobons? Sushibons? Empanadabons? Kimcheebons? Saladbons? Oompaloompabons? Foiegrabons? Mulligatawnystewbons? I could do this ALL DAY people!!!

For we unfortunate souls who do not live in Atlanta I suspect this wouldn't be too difficult to duplicate in your very own home test kitchen. Simply take some of that frozen cinnamon roll dough, smother the interior with pizza sauce, cover with pepperoni and cheese, and bake into bubbly something-or-other. Would it taste good? Why do you ask? Does it matter? This is not food you savor. Cinnabon is not about that. It's about OMG that smell omphyomyomyom, burp.

Me, I'm an old-fashioned kind of gal who likes her pizza flat and savory. With a super-thin crust. But hey, knock yourselves out, Cinnabon. Can't wait to see what else you roll out!

Would you try the pizzabon?


Image via Cinnabon

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