Fast Food Apple Slices Recall Is a Great Excuse to Order the Fries

apple slicesHeads up, healthy eaters -- there's been an apple slices recall. Missa Bay, a New Jersey based distributor of packaged apple slices and packaged products that contain apple slices, issued a voluntary recall after traces of Listeria were found on the processing equipment. The company sells apple slices to popular fast food chains as well as Wawa convenience stores and Wegmans grocers and recommends that any package that has a sell-by date between July 8 and August 20 be thrown out.

If ever there was a reason to order the fries, this is it.


About 300,000 individual and potentially contaminated apple slice packages were shipped to fast food joints and grocers in 36 states. The AP reports:

People who may have purchased the recalled products are asked to record use-by dates and UPC codes and contact Ready Pac at 800-800-7822. More information on the more than two dozen products recalled and the states involved is available on the company's website at

Listeria sounds pretty terrible -- you might not want to risk eating them apples. It's a bacteria that can cause fever, weakness, convulsions, and is especially dangerous for women who are pregnant.

Unfortunately, it's been the reason a bunch of foods have been recalled this summer. In the past three months alone, Listeria has been responsible for the recall of meat, onions, and bagged salad

Clearly, we should all just eat Starbursts and beef jerky 'til we know it's safe out there.

Does this apple slice recall affect you?


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