New Parents Eat More Fat & Have Their Crying Babies to Blame

animal burgerHey, new parents: Did you know you eat more saturated fat than people who don't have kids do? You're shocked, right? There you are, eating your kids' leftover mac and cheese and saying to yourself, "Oh really, I eat more saturated fat, huh. Tell me something I don't already know."

But there you have it. Science has gone and documented new parents' eating habits and now it's in black and white in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. But the good news is, other than the saturated fats, our eating habits are just as bad as everyone else's! Um ... yay? And why saturated fats?


This reminds me of a funny story. I remember how I didn't start losing the baby weight until I stopped eating ice cream every night after dinner. Heh, heh, ice cream and a dictatorial newborn. Those were the days.

But anyway, when it comes to the big picture, how much soda and fast food we eat, how many fruits and vegetables we eat, parents are no more unhealthy than everyone else. Apparently parents bring home more convenience foods (because we're freakin' busy), so that might explain the extra saturated fat. We probably eat more "kid" food, too, which tends to be low on leafy greens and high in fatty goodness.

Or maybe parenting just makes you feel depleted in a special way that leaves you craving fat? Big scoops of fudge ripple, chunks of cheddar, chicken wings, milkshakes, the cheeseburger and fries pictured above (want in my mouf NOW). Like small children just drain something essential for us that we're forever trying to replace. I don't know -- I tend to side with the camp that says saturated fats aren't necessarily bad for you depending on where they come from. Fat from grass-fed beef can have health benefits. But if that saturated fat is coming from takeout, then yeah, it's probably not doing us any good besides anesthetizing us from a night with a colicky baby.

Do you think you eat more saturated fats than your non-parent friends?


Image via punctuated/Flickr

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