Anonymous Woman Buys Entire Restaurant Lunch in Grand Slam of Generosity (VIDEO)

Denny'sWho says there's no such thing as a free lunch? A woman in Newcastle, California, last week proved that's just not true when she bought everyone in a local Denny's their noontime meal.

Why? No one is sure, nor does anyone know who she is, as she's chosen to remain anonymous. Restaurant manager Seto Avakian told CBS, “I asked her, I said, ‘Are you sure?’ She said, ‘Yeah.’ I said, ‘It’ll be a lot of money.’”


There were about 60 people there, and the total bill with tip came to around $350. While that's not chump change, the value of what she did was so much more. Customer Carol Owens told CBS, “It’s wonderful. I wish more people would do things like that.”

Her act probably didn't change anyone's life, but you can bet it put a bright spot into each diner's day, and it's such a nice story to restore a little faith in humanity after the horrific recent shootings in Colorado and Milwaukee. Sure it was just lunch, but hopefully, some were inspired to pay it forward; maybe some donated the cost of their lunch to someone in need. Regardless, it was a kind thing to do, and even more admirable is the fact that she doesn't want to be recognized for what she did.

I think I'd be tempted to shout, "Lunch is on me!" or something if I was going to make such a grand gesture, but the way she did it is so much better because it was so selfless.

All anyone knows about her is that she appeared to be a mom in her mid-30s with two kids around the ages of 7 and 9 in tow. Seto said he tried to find out if she'd won the lottery or something, but she wouldn't up give anything. He said she was "nice and humble." I hope she at least let her kids know what she did, because that's a pretty amazing lesson to teach.


Have you ever performed a random act of kindness or been the recipient of one?

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