Terrible Tippers Outed on Website -- Are You on the List?

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tipping jarChintzy tippers beware: Waiters and delivery drivers are naming names on a website. LousyTippers.com is a list of customers who have left small or no tips. Stiffed workers in the restaurant biz just fill in an online form and presto! Instant infamy for the "bad" tipper.

Wow. I mean, I get it -- delivery drivers and waiters are pissed and they want to fight back somehow. People should understand how hard they work and how little they get paid. Once a customer leaves there's no way to retroactively spit in their food. (Not that anyone should do that.) It's not fair! Fight the power and all that. But this website just seems to bring out the worst in people -- and some of them really go too far.

YES, I looked up my name and NO, I'm not on it. Are you? You can actually search for your name to find out if you've been outed as a Scrooge. If, god forbid, you happen to find your own name wrongfully on the list (because why would you ever not tip a deserving server?) you can dispute the claim and maybe they'll consider removing it.

It's bad enough that the site lists people's full names. But the truly creepy bit is that fill-in-the-blank area that says "restaurant or address." Apparently people sometimes list a customer's home address or phone number!

Isn't that illegal? If not, it definitely crosses a line. Especially when the angry contributor invites people to "call or text" the tipper's "ass."

Eater has gone through the trouble of combing through the database and uncovering the really nasty comments. Bless their hearts. Here's a sample: "Stay in what ever foreign country you live in PLEASE." Yeesh. And that's one of the milder ones! Apparently the database is a haven for racists and homophobes. I don't know -- I think it's just inevitable that a site like this would attract jerks.

Do you think LousyTippers.com goes too far?


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SaraR... SaraRenee12

I'm willing to bet the majority of the people posting on that site do not provide the best customer service. Most of them probably deserved what they got!

Taisie Taisie

I would venture to say that this may be an illegal use of the info on your credit card. When you give it to them at the restaurant, it is to be used only for what it is intended for, to pay your restaurant bill, and lifting the name, and address (in some cases) off it to use it on this website, is probably illegal, and if someone were to sue them for it, they may in fact win, if my name were on it, I may just do that.

jagam... jagamama0710

What SaraRenee12 said. ^^^

Tip your servers what they deserve, absolutely. If they are an excellent server, you give them a decent tip. If they're shitty? They don't deserve it. I'm tired of this sense of entitlement servers seem to have.

Yes, there definitely are shitty customers as well. However, it is completely unacceptable to share addresses. Unbelievable. Frankly, I think it's appalling that they share their full names as well. What is the purpose of that? Is a server going to keep tabs on the database and refuse to serve you if you're seated at one of their tables? 

jagam... jagamama0710

Our names aren't listed. Yay? I would be raising some hell if our address was put up there. 

nonmember avatar Nicky

Wow, this must be illegal! The only way this info could be handed out is via credit card. What a terrible invasion of privacy. I'm sorry, these days waiters seem to expect 20% for mediocre service. In this economy, the blasé attitude of the service industry is really starting to piss of the likes of people like me, who are tight with money because of the economy. Want your tip? Effin work for it. The whole system is antiquated anyway. Their employers should be paying them, not me.

zandh... zandhmom2

I looked at the list and went through a couple of the pages and all I can say is if they serve as bad as they write, then it wonder they get such bad tips.  I personally try to stay right at that 20% all the time but will go down if the service is bad.

nonmember avatar Christie

I agree that these are probably undeserving servers to begin with. I tip minimum of %15 (and that's for crappy service) if it's great then it's between 20% and 25%... There was only one time I ever tipped lower than 15% and let's just say she was lucky I did not throw our food at her and leave...Oh yeah, and never tip on the quality of the food just of the service....they did not cook it and the cook gets paid just as good either way


I think it crosses a line for sure. Some people however do not tip no matter how good the service was. So saying that these servers probably weren't doin a good job isn't true all the time. There have been many posts on cafemom where many moms admit they flat out do not tip.

nonmember avatar Rachel

I guess I should start LousyServers.com. I already have the perfect description: they complain more than they work.

zombi... zombiemommy916

As a former cocktail waitress and bartender (the money is INSANE), I had a few horrible tippers here and there but I never once sought to seek "revenge"....Get over it! It comes with the territory...if you're that bitter, seek employment elsewhere perhaps? Ripping off names and addresses? Absolutely ridiculous!!

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