Wendy's Japan Caviar & Lobster Burgers Make Us Feel Like Chopped Liver

wendy's japanese lobster menuWhen you think fast food, you probably don't think lobster. You DEFINITELY don't think caviar. But Wendy's does! At least overseas in Japan, where this month, they've begun offering customers a Premium menu that includes a Lobster and Caviar Burger (lobster chunks, lobster salad, and caviar on a burger), the Surf and Turf Burger (lobster and red onion), and the Ocean Premium Salad (lobster, caviar, avocado, vegetables, and egg). Ugh, color me JEALOUS!

Meanwhile, of course, we Americans are being served up the same ol', heart disease-causing -- albeit "applewood smoked" -- bacon-packed burgers. What's wrong with this picture?


Granted, the lobster meals at Japanese Wendy's don't come cheap. Customers there will have to fork over about $16-$20 to get one of the dishes off the premium menu, but at the same time, at least they HAVE a freakin' premium menu! With lobster! And caviar!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, so they don't think we Americans have the palate for shellfish that the Japanese do. Bah. But hey, plenty of Americans gobble up Maine lobster rolls -- fresh cooked lobster meat tossed with a little light mayo and some light herby seasoning, served on a grilled hot dog bun. Mmmm, bliss. And yet, fast food restaurants (with maybe the exception of Panera) seem to have trouble wrapping their heads around a menu offering like that -- even if only in the summer months.

Bummer. Oh well. Guess next time you're craving a lobster burger, you gotta make it yourself or consider moving to Japan ...

Are you jealous that the Japanese are getting these premium eats at their Wendy's?

Image via Wendy's Japan

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