Jesus Appears in Man's Taco in Another Food Miracle

breakfast taco
NOT the Jesus taco
80-year-old Edward Garza was just expecting a breakfast taco when he opened a foil-wrapped package at his senior center in Texas. But what he got instead looked -- to him -- like an image of his Lord and Savior Jesus burned into the tortilla. He spent about five minutes gazing at his miraculous taco, witnessing its holy manifestation.

Jesus taco! It doesn't happen every day. But for Angie Rodriguez, the director of the senior daycare, it was a reassuring sign from above. She says she'd been struggling through some personal challenges and had just prayed the night before for a sign from God. Talk about comfort food!

I'll respect Angie and Edward's right to see what they want to see, but personally I think the image looks more like Bob Marley. Anyway, I can think of other comforting images I'd like to see in my food.

Image via eelke dekker/Flickr

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Carmen Martin

Oh for crying out loud.  No one even knows what Jesus looked like.  How on earth are you supposed to know if you find him in your food?

nonmember avatar Mike M

That tortilla could have the image of just about any guy with a beard and mustache...

Also, if you do an image search for "prince of peace" the one painting that comes up quite a lot on the first page is a close approximation to what Jesus looks like today according to those who are able to receive spiritual visions.

And there are a number of people (about 3-4% of the world's population) who are as or more enlightened than Jesus was while he was on Earth.

nonmember avatar BeMyGuest

Why does He always seem to show up in food?

Maxim... MaximumAsh

Maybe he didn't wanna be a carpenter or the worlds savior. Maybe he just wanted to own his own restaurant and showing up on food is how he tells us. Lol either way its still pretty stupid.

EmmaF... EmmaFromEire

Oh please, most people don't even have a clue what Christ would actually look like. I think there are a fair few christians repressing the notion that Jesus was actually a middle eastern jew, not the white guy the renaissance painters depicted....

mamivon2 mamivon2

yeah and he took a swim in my cereal this morning

Brittanica Abreu it bad that I saw Mufasa from the Lion King...?:)

Queen... QueenJeanette

I'm sorry,  but I just can't see Jesus in the taco, anymore than I could see the grandmother in the sonogram.  Perhaps I need to schedule an appointment with my opthamalogist. 

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