Jesus Appears in Man's Taco in Another Food Miracle

breakfast taco
NOT the Jesus taco
80-year-old Edward Garza was just expecting a breakfast taco when he opened a foil-wrapped package at his senior center in Texas. But what he got instead looked -- to him -- like an image of his Lord and Savior Jesus burned into the tortilla. He spent about five minutes gazing at his miraculous taco, witnessing its holy manifestation.

Jesus taco! It doesn't happen every day. But for Angie Rodriguez, the director of the senior daycare, it was a reassuring sign from above. She says she'd been struggling through some personal challenges and had just prayed the night before for a sign from God. Talk about comfort food!

I'll respect Angie and Edward's right to see what they want to see, but personally I think the image looks more like Bob Marley. Anyway, I can think of other comforting images I'd like to see in my food.


Image via eelke dekker/Flickr

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