Make Your Own Slurpees at Home When It's Too Hot to Go to 7-11

slurpee makerIt's the classic Slurpee conundrum: It's blazing hot and you're thirsty for a Slurpee -- but it's just too darn hot go get into your car and drive to 7-Eleven. What to do? I have the answer! Behold, the 7-Eleven Slurpee maker. Yes, now you can make your own dang Slurpees at home.

Let me just get the bad news over with quickly: This thing costs $50. Yipes! I guess that means you'd need to make about 40 Slurpees before the thing pays for itself.

Okay, but that aside, all you need is ice, salt, and juice or soda. And your IMAGINATION because now the sky's the limit. If I got one of these, I would make a bunch of Slurpee flavors that 7-Eleven would never dare to try.


Ginger mango Slurpee: I just came across this mango ginger ice cream recipe. Wouldn't it be tasty in Slurpee form? I'd use mango juice and fresh, grated ginger.

Root beer float Slurpee: Root beer with frozen ice milk. I don't know -- too weird?

Thai iced tea Slurpee: Thai iced tea syrup with sweetened condensed milk. Nice!

Minty lemonade Slurpee: Lemonade with crushed mint leaves. Like a fresh, lemony breeze blowing through your mind.

Spicy margarita Slurpee: Inspired by The Stir's Sugar and Spice party cocktails, this would be made with jalapeno-infused tequila, lime juice, and triple sec.

For that matter, what's to keep you from concocting all your favorite frozen mixed drinks using the Slurpee machine? Daiquiris, piña coladas ... hey wait a minute. Is the Slurpee machine really that much different from an ordinary household blender? I think the main difference is that the blender is electric and the Slurpee machine is more work because you're cranking that handle. Hmm ...

Would you buy a Slurpee maker?


Image via ThinkGeek

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