Natalie Portman's 'Weird' Wedding Food Is a Lesson to Other Brides

benjamin millipied natalie portmanBy now, you've probably heard that everyone's favorite Manic Pixie Dream Girl, Natalie Portman, finally became Mrs. Benjamin Millipied in a small, private Jewish ceremony this past weekend. The Big Sur "I do"s sound like they were an absolute dream come true for the couple, complete with lovely traditions, like the nuptials taking place under a rustic chuppah, the smashing of the glass ("Mazel tov!"), and a 20-minute hora dance. At the same time, the bride and groom chose to skip certain traditional wedding foods ...

Whereas many couples feed their guests a main course of chicken, fish, or beef, Natalie and Ben kept their wedding meal strictly vegan. They also decided to pass on a wedding cake altogether -- serving French macarons instead!


Curiously, macarons are usually made with egg whites, so perhaps they know a baker who has a vegan trick up her sleeve? Or maybe the macarons were an exception to the vegan rule ... Either way, though, I say good for Natalie! It sounds like the food -- and in turn, vibe of the wedding -- very much reflected the couple's cultures and lifestyle. As it should.

That's one thing I've been trying very hard to be sure my fiance and I have woven throughout our own special day, and it isn't easy when you're also trying to think about what kind of food your guests are going to enjoy. We initially talked about having various "action stations," perhaps one or two reflective of our hometowns (Chicago and New Jersey), but in the end, we decided to opt for something more accessible and classic -- prime rib, fish, or pasta. It'll be lovely, but I'm not sure how much it speaks to who we are. Then again, I guess we can express that in other ways throughout the party.

Lucky for Natalie and Ben, I'm sure those in attendance were more than happy to eschew meat for the night, but not sure a vegan wedding would fly with all families. The absence of the cake alone might have some old-school guests looking like Munch's "The Scream." But you know, really, too damn bad. On your wedding day, you should feel free to make whatever statement you like with the food, drinks, and dessert you're serving. Whether that's let them eat cake ... or let them eat vegan macarons!

Did/will the food at your wedding reflect your culture, tastes, and lifestyle?


Image via Stephen Lovekin/Getty

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