Pasta Sauce Claims to Cure Childhood Traumas Like Catching Your Parents Having Sex (VIDEO)

raguThere's the most adorable/icky commercial for spaghetti sauce out there right now. Adorable/icky because while the kid and the story are cute, the ending totally had me squirming.

The Ragú ad starts with a hilarious scene of a little boy looking for his mom and accidentally walking in on his parents having sex. EEEK! The horror! Don't worry, it's tastefully done. You don't actually see the parents, just their kid's reaction.

And then: It's time to chow down on some pasta to help Junior get over the trauma! Obviously. Um ... Is it just me or is that kind of sad?


Talk about eating your feelings! Ugh, it's just kind of depressing. I feel like there should be a subtitle, "And so it begins ..." Followed by a scene of the kid as an adult, lying under his coffee table just after his divorce eating directly out of an ice cream carton. And he would be played by Louis C.K. because actually that's a scene from Louie.

Not that a commercial has to be all healthy and good for you. I'm not saying that at all. I'm just saying this is kind of a bummer way to sell pasta sauce. It's like Buddhism turned on its head. "Hey, life is suffering so just stuff your maw with pasta and anesthetize the pain with carbohydrates and lycopene." Womp womp.

If you want to go for the nostalgia/childhood thing, why not go for a happier memory, like the time you first got your period and no one had told you what to expect? Or that time you peed your pants on the way home from school? Or the day your dog got hit by a car? Also, maybe it's just me, but that kid looks nothing like his "dad." Hmmm.

What did you think of the Ragú commercial?


Image via Ragu/YouTube

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