Waitresses Who Wear Red Score Bigger Tips From Men

waitress wearing redAlthough Hooters and similar "breastaurants" seem to want to capitalize on the fact that men love being served Buffalo wings and beer by skimpily-clad ladies, the chains that require waitresses to be clad in colors other than red might be putting them at a disadvantage ...

Although it wasn't exactly super-scientific -- or one that involved "breastaurants" exclusively, for that matter -- a recent French study, published in the Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research, found that when waitresses wore red, their tips from male customers were 14.6 to 26.1 percent higher than when they were wearing other colors. Women's tips were unaffected by color. Maybe that's because we're actually considering the service from and not the appearance of our server?


Then again ... Obviously we'll tip a hot male waiter a little bit more if he's lookin' good in red and/or simply offering up some eye candy for dessert. Ha. But this study didn't go there, so all we have to analyze is the guys and why they were tipping red-wearing waitresses more ...

Red is the go-getter, power color, so does a red uniform (or even red lipstick) subconsciously convince "visually-geared" men that the waitress was going out of her way? Maybe red just makes a man hungrier, so he's more apt to be satisfied after the meal and tip big?

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Those would be interesting theories, but pffft! Of course not! Researchers say it probably has to do with the fact we've heard time and time again that women who wear red are considered more sexually attractive to men and "unconsciously, [men] want to be noticed by the waitresses," so they throw down a sizeable tip. Duh. Simple, really. Men aren't nearly as complicated as we -- or science, apparently -- seem to believe!

Is your guy receptive to red? What influences how you tip?

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