Oreo Tweets Adorable Red Cookie in Honor of Mars Rover Landing

mars oreoOreo is back with another themed cookie picture -- this time it's a half-cookie with bright-red filling and little track marks in honor of the Mars rover Curiosity. "We come in peace." Awww. But once again, they are teasing us with another super-cool photo of a cookie that doesn't exist in real life. Remember their rainbow cookie?

But I still love it -- especially with the rover tracks running through the filling. What a cute detail. I hope they keep doing these funny themed cookie photos.

If you are, like me, a little bummed that you can't eat one of these, not to worry. I think it would be pretty easy to make one of your own.


Step one: Pull off one side of the chocolate cookie and eat it. My favorite part. Then I'm thinking maybe you could pull off the filling and mix it with some food coloring. The regular stuff works pretty well, but gel food coloring gets you some intense colors. I'm picturing myself kneading food coloring into a tiny ball of filling, carefully rolling it out to just the right size ... already this project is starting to sound like too much trouble.

Or, I could just get some red fondant, roll, and cut out the circle. In that case, I would just let my son scrape off and eat the original filling, which he would be more than happy to do.

Then, I'd take one of my son's little toy cars (maybe a toy truck or tractor?) and roll it over that Mars "mud" to make those little tracks. Vroom vroom! Oh right, there are no sounds in space. No one can hear you scream in space! Or play with toy cars!

Would you ever buy a themed cookie if they were available?


Image via Oreo/Twitter

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