6 Funny Julia Child Moments to Celebrate Her 100th Birthday (VIDEO)

julia childHappy 100th birthday, Julia Child! The legendary TV chef died in 2004, but in so many ways she is very much still alive and with us. If your kitchen features a pegboard for hanging pots and spoons, a little bit of Julia lives with you. She "invented" that idea. And she was the original American celebrity chef with her television shows, especially The French Chef.

Julia Child was imposingly tall and authoritative yet goofy and utterly generous. She was hilarious. And most importantly, she gave Americans the courage to cook more adventurously. I've gathered together a collection of Julia Child videos, clips from her show and even a little snippet from the movie that immortalized her, Julia and Julia.


Julia Child with the Chicken Sisters! This lineup is amazing. I'm dying to see these chickens all do the Can-Can together in that line.

Compare Meryl Streep's Julia from the movie Julie and Julia vs. the Real Deal in the original show. Love this!

Julia Child with David Letterman and a blowtorch. Enough said.

Here's Julia Child burning food -- on purpose. A plate of steak, scalloped potatoes, and green beans. A gorgeous Gran Mariner souffle. NO! I can't bear to look. There is a lecture at the end of the video on the importance of carbon, which you will probably want to just skip -- apparently Julia burning food was supposed to illustrate his point. But it's a hoot to watch Julia nonchalantly prattling on while she pulls blackened dishes out of her various ovens.

What does Julia Child have to do with Gun 'n Roses' "Sweet Child of Mine"? Hell if I know, but this compilation of Julia's greatest moments set to the song is fun. Bon appétit!

Here's Julia Child auto-tuned! This is what cooking's all about -- aw yeah!

How do you remember Julia Child?


Image via kimeddes009/YouTube

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