Fast Food Worker Fired for Peeing on Nachos Says It Was All Just a Joke (VIDEO)

peeing on nachosAnytime you eat in a restaurant, your health is really in the hands of those who serve you. It takes a certain amount of trust, and perhaps some biting of one's tongue to avoid potentially pissing restaurant workers off (pun intended) and avoid any sordid repercussions to our food. We don't like to think anyone would defile our food, and we hope that they don't, but there's always the chance ... which was vividly depicted by a sicko Taco Bell employee in Fort Wayne, Ind., recently.

Cameron Jankowski posted the disgusting picture you see here to his Twitter account. That's him supposedly peeing on an order of Nachos Bel Grande, and he asked his followers what he should pee on next. 

Beyond disgusting, right? And how stupid can you be to post a picture of it publicly?

Officials say they don't think the nachos were served to anyone, but the image alone is bad enough and got Jankowski canned. He says it was all a joke. According to, he posted the following explanation on his Facebook page: 

I poked a hole in the top of a water bottle and filled it with really watered down mountain dew. I took the bottle and the nacho bell to the back utility sink and squeezed the bottle on to the nacho bell, making it look like I was [urinating] on it. My manager was aware that it was not urine and it is all a joke.

How exactly that was supposed to be funny, I don't know, but joke or no joke, he deserved to be fired (which he has been) based on stupidity alone. When people on Twitter (his account has since been deleted) started tweeting the hate at him, he responded, "There are no laws saying what you can and cannot piss upon."

Uh yeah, actually there are, genius. Police are investigating to see what criminal charges he may face, and Taco Bell is possibly pursuing legal action against him. I'd say he deserves whatever he gets. Even if he didn't actually serve the peed-upon food to customers, the image he sent out is certainly going to make more than a few people run from the border instead of to it and make us all wonder what's going on behind that drive-thru window at least a little more.


Do you worry about restaurant employees doing gross things to your food?

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navyw... navywife0204

yet another reason I hate going to fast food places... I'd rather eat at home. 

Lilyp... Lilypad523

Oh goody, I just moved to Fort Wayne! I don't suppose I'd swear off every Taco Bell, because of this, but still, this is gross.

the4m... the4mutts

That actually DOES look like he squirted something on it,instead of peed on it. The first thing I thought when I saw the pic; "That looks like lemonade".

BUT, you can't just work at a place and piss on/ pretend to piss on their food, especially while IN their kitchen!

What a fucking moron.

Jaycee Grey

Whether or not he broke the law depends on whether or not he peed in the food prep area.  Gross as it looks, there's no law against squirting Mt Dew on nachos.  

Naaaasty looking tho.

Rachel Fancher

First of  all obviously you would know if someone peed in your nachos second of all stop giving stupid people attention for doing stupid things! Enough fast food will kill you any way!! Most people dont trust the people closests to them so its kind of ridiculous to trust someone just because they work at taco bell!


theon... theonlyone433

if you are kind and considerate to the people who serve and make your food, then you have no worries!

nonmember avatar Erika

Er...did no one notice the fact that the "pee" is coming from his side?? Unless he has a rather large penis that angle would be kinda hard to accomplish.

luvmy... luvmygrlz

I only eat at Taco Bell when Im constipated, but it doesn't look like pee to me.

Todd Vrancic

My wife works in fast food and anyone doing anything to the food they are not supposed to do (also known as adulterating the food) is lucky to only be fired and not criminally charged.  And yes, technically, pouring watered-down Mountain Dew into a plate of nachos would count as adfulterating them, since Mountain Dew, watered-down or not, is not an ingredient of that dish.

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