Freaky Ice Cream Ads May Kill Your Appetite (VIDEO)

little babys ice cream

I don't even know what to say about this. Below the jump I've posted two of the most disturbing ice cream ads ever made. They're for a tiny new ice cream shop in Philadelphia, Little Baby's Ice Cream. But not "Little Baby" as in cute. "Little Baby" as in Mommy, Mommy, don't want, make that thing go awayyyy!!!

These two ads will turn your relationship with ice cream upside-down. Think of every feeling you've ever had about ice cream: Joy, delight, happiness, sweetness, innocence. Now dig deeper -- what else do you see? Fear and loathing? Perhaps even a smidge of the uncanny?

Prepare to look into the Twilight Zone of ice cream, ladies and gentlemen. If you dare.


Now let's crank the weird notch up a few, shall we?


What the hell just happened? My frozen dessert innocence -- it is lost forever! I feel like my love of ice cream is being mocked and distorted. What does it all mean? Why is he/she eating ice cream out of his/her own head? And that ice cream person -- he/she is WAY too happy. That ecstatic smile will haunt my dreams forever, or until the next time I see something super disturbing on YouTube. Do we love ice cream too much? Is that what this is about?

Help, I'm having an existential crisis over ice cream. Brain freeze! Brain freeze! NO MORE ICE CREAM, PLEEEEZE.

What do you think of these ice cream ads?


Image via Little Baby's Ice Cream/YouTube 

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