5 Mouthwatering Dishes Road Tested by a Real Mom

Maressa Brown | Aug 3, 2012 Food & Party
5 Mouthwatering Dishes Road Tested by a Real Mom

banana pancakesHere at The Stir, we love finding the easiest and yummiest recipes to feature daily on the site and on our Recipe a Day Facebook page. We're always hoping readers are loving them and sharing them with their families, and recently, we got concrete proof that some of you out there in the CafeMom community are doing just that!

CafeMom member and mom to Claire, 20 months, flowerfunleah from Pueblo, Colorado is a mega-Recipe a Day fan. She even raved in the forums that we really should put out a cookbook. And when she explained that she "actually makes almost everything The Stir puts out as far as recipes go," we were so flattered that we asked her to share her notes on her top tried and true Recipe a Day recipes. Check 'em out!

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  • Wonderful Banana Bread Waffles With CInnamon Butter


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    Leah says she was drawn to these banana bread waffles as a "perfect late breakfast treat," because her "DD loves bananas" and she loves cinnabutter. But because batter turned out to be really too thin for waffles, she made pancakes out of it instead, which she says were "just as good, especially with the cinnabutter and bananas on top!" Awesome!

  • Crazy Good-Captain Crunch Chicken


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    Leah loves this one, because it really is as easy as it looks and it uses pantry staples to get dinner done. Her #1 tip: Instead of coating the chicken with mayo, try making a beaten egg and milk mixture. Be sure to dunk the chicken in the bread crumbs, then the egg mix, then back into the crumbs to get the chicken coated completely. Mmm!

  • Oven Fries With Garlic and Parmesan


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    Another recipe Leah loves for being simple and compared to slew of other recipes for fries she's made, this one for Oven Fries With Garlic and Parmesan "takes the cake." Although the recipe may seem like a lot, she says she usually makes the whole thing, because she can "take the leftover fries and wrap them in foil, so all I need to do the next day is put them in a 350 oven (still in the foil) and let heat up for 15 minutes or so." Smart! She also notes, "these fries are also great for little handed tablefood eaters!" Aww.

  • Easy French Toast Bake


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    Originally posted on The Stir as a Christmas morning breakfast idea, this rich recipe can be a treat any morning! But Leah recommends skipping sandwich bread, because "it's too thin and falls apart like paper when wet." Instead, she says to use a good loaf of store bought or homemade French bread, which has "a nice and crunchy outer shell, and it won't fall apart when you add the French toast mixture." For best results, she advises adding 1/2 tsp cinnamon into the mixture and baking for 45 minutes instead of 30.

  • Melt in Your Mouth Marshmallow Chocolate Chunk Cookies


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    When Leah tried this moist, "brownie cookie"-like recipe on for size, she just had one issue: "The marshmallows didn't melt into the chocolate cookie dough like the recipe suggests -- maybe it wasn't hot enough? -- so I just left it as it was, and when I was baking the cookies, it made little lumps here and there. No biggie and still delicious!"

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