5 Mouthwatering Dishes Road Tested by a Real Mom

banana pancakesHere at The Stir, we love finding the easiest and yummiest recipes to feature daily on the site and on our Recipe a Day Facebook page. We're always hoping readers are loving them and sharing them with their families, and recently, we got concrete proof that some of you out there in the CafeMom community are doing just that!

CafeMom member and mom to Claire, 20 months, flowerfunleah from Pueblo, Colorado is a mega-Recipe a Day fan. She even raved in the forums that we really should put out a cookbook. And when she explained that she "actually makes almost everything The Stir puts out as far as recipes go," we were so flattered that we asked her to share her notes on her top tried and true Recipe a Day recipes. Check 'em out!


Image via gsloan/Flickr

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