Chick-fil-A Fight Gets So Silly It's Hilarious (VIDEO)

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chaz intolerant chickenWell they did it. Yesterday throngs of supporters gathered at Chick-fil-A restaurants across the nation for a grand old "hate-fest" -- oh, excuse me. For a "right to express hate-fest." Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day celebrated a billionaire restaurant owner's right to shovel his customers' money toward anti-gay marriage initiatives if he damn well wants to. It's the American way! And of course, Dan Cathy has that right.

But in the fight between Chick-fil-A haters and lovers, which side is winning? We are, because this whole cock fight has stirred up a whole lotta comedy. Never before have chicken sandwiches been this funny. Here are a few highlights from the kerfuffle. Chick-fil-Gay sandwich, anyone?

Guess who loves Chick-fil-A? Neo-Nazis, of course. Members of at least one neo-Nazi group showed up at one of yesterday's event. And you know what? Awesome. Nothing helps along a cause like neo-Nazis. They add a certain legitimacy and rationality to the whole debate, don't you think?

Here's Conan O'Brien's Chaz the Intolerant Chick-fil-A Chicken. He says, "There's only one great chicken sandwich, and only one way to love." This is just the first of four appearances Mr. Intolerant has made so far.

Do you love Mad Libs? Then you'll love this Chick-fil-A Mad Lib cut-and-paste form letter!

John Goodman is delectable as Colonel Sanders, here to let you know that KFC just loves the gays.

Today George Takei posted this poignant question via Facebook. My thoughts exactly!

george takei chick fil a

What's the craziest thing you've seen come out from the Chick-fil-A controversy?


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Torra... TorranceMom

Articles like this one . . .

momka... momkaribg

Lol I agree with pp

momav... momavanessa

TorranceMom I agree with you!!! This article is Ridiculous!!!

eye rolling

brand... brandspanknnew

I think the whole thing is dumb. When can we grow up and get over things? If you don't want to contribute to it, don't eat there. If you do want to, enjoy the chicken! This is just getting blatantly ignorant.

Zamaria Zamaria

The craziest thing I've seen out of it are articles like this! Since when is stating your support for traditional families the same thing as saying that you hate gay people????? If I say that I support LGBT families does that mean I hate straight people? Um. Noooooo.....many of my friends went to support chick-fil-a yesterday. Including several gay and lesbian friends who realize that this has gotten really silly. And guess what? They were treated with as much respect as anyone else in the resteraunt. They were thanked by the staff and management, along with everyone else who was there, for coming to support the business. No one looked at them wrong when they held hands with their partners. People like the author are encouraging hate. Nt stopping it.


I'd have to agree that all the articles here on The Stir is just ridiculous. Why are you all giving it so much attention? It's a business. They can do and think what they want and we as consumers can choose to either eat there or not. END OF STORY. So what?

i.hea... i.heart.nerds

The only side I have seen spew hate is the side boycotting Chick Fil A. They are the only ones who have used the word hate, who have shown intolerance and who have proven to be lacking in maturity (same sex 'kiss in' anyone?)

Most mature people can state what side they are on without resorting to name calling.

vlk_2012 vlk_2012

I guess the breastfeeding arguments got boring or something?

Kelly... KellyBSchrute

Don't you realize you're spewing the same amount of hate and intolerance? You're just on the other side of the mud-slinging.

Kelly... KellyBSchrute


Some people own businesses AND have opinions!!! And not everyone agrees with them...scandalous.

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