Kim Kardashian Betrays Scott Disick by Eating at a Rival Restaurant


kimye nobuOh, Kim Kardashian, stabbing poor Scott Disick in the heart with this photo of you and Kanye going out for sushi at Nobu! If you're in the mood for sushi, Scott's got you covered with his own restaurant -- RYU, remember?!? You went to the grand opening, with your family posse? I know it's been more than 72 days, but surely you haven't forgotten!

Look how guilty these two look, cheating on RYU with some other, sexier sushi restaurant. It's like Kim's saying, "Yeah, I ate raw fish at some other joint. So what? It's a free country! I'll eat sushi wherever I wanna." And Kanye's like, "Whatever, don't you drag me into your family drama."

What a big ol' F-YU to Scott. Is she mad at him? Why would she hurt him like this? RYU is struggling, struggling! And here she is, flaunting her preference for Nobu. What, is she going to blame this on Kanye? "Ooh, I would have gone to RYU but Kanye just rillyrilly loves Nobu better." Just cruel.

Or is she actually doing Scott a favor?

Maybe a Kim Kardashian-free RYU is a good thing. She could actually be helping more by NOT going to Scott's restaurant. No serious foodie New Yorker would ever be caught dead going out to Kim Kardashian's favorite restaurant, after all. You want cheesy, you go to a fondue restaurant! Am I right? (Yes, we have those.) But the only way RYU stands a chance of making a name for itself as a serious eating establishment is if Kim remains at least 100 feet away at all times.

So way to be supportive of your un-official brother-in-law, Kim! That's super sweet of you.

Do you think Kim's absence is good or bad for RYU's business?


Image via Splash News

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nonmember avatar Christie

IDK...but those two do NOT look happy in that picture

nonmember avatar Quianna Jenkins

U are taking this wayyyyyy out of proportion. They are grown and can do and eat wherever they want. U're putting way to much into this. Did u eat there? That's all u need to worry about. Leave them alone. She owes him nothing.

nonmember avatar Babyluv

Kim and Kanye rarely look that happy together anymore. It's like any sight of them now is nothing more than obligatory. Kanye at least used to look happy in her company but Kim NEVER did. It's like she's here cos she has to be, like she was TOLD to date him and it wasn't something she would have done ordinarily. Now, the both of the just don't look happy together #fakerelationship (at least on Kim's side).

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