Hooters Puts on Puppet Shows to Lure Moms to Their Breastaurant (VIDEO)

hootersYou know who would love it if you showed up at their place every once in a while? Hooters. NO, not as a waitress! I mean as a customer, of course. Hooters wants you to know their breastaurant isn't just for breastmen. It's for thighmen, too. Ha, kidding! No it's not. But it is for women who love breastmen.

Or something like that. Anyway, the Hooters people thought and thought about what women want. What could possibly lure women with regular, unspectacular boobs into their restaurant as paying customers? And then they got the genius idea: PUPPETS! They would do a few puppet shows for ya'll. Check it out.


Yeah, like what could go wrong? Just treat us women like children. Hey, works for household cleaner commercials. Ever notice how many magical creatures are trying to sell you mopping fluid? Magic bubbles, anyone? We just LOVE that shit.

Oh but wait, Hooters is also selling salads. 30 different salads! So while the hubs chows down on some decadent, high-calorie fried foods and gawks at the waitresses you can nibble on some lettuce and read work emails on your Blackberry. Fun for the whole family. I can't wait to go!

It reminds me of the time a woman told me she and her husband went to Hooters on their honeymoon. Not that there's anything wrong with going there, I guess. It's just that I wanted to say, "Gee, that sounds nice. What the hell did YOU do there??" I mean, their chicken wings can't be that good.

Do you ever go to Hooters or other restaurants like it?


Image via HootersRestaurant/YouTube

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