Food Company Helps Make Military Homecomings Even More Heartwarming (VIDEO)

military homecoming video eckrichYou might know Eckrich as the brand behind various types of prepared meat -- smoked sausages, cold cuts, hot dogs, Vienna sausages, etc. But they've been branching out lately, in an effort to support a major cause close to many Americans' hearts: Supporting military families.

The company recently partnered with Operation Homefront, a nonprofit organization that provides emergency financial assistance -- like food boxes and gift cards to grocery stores -- to the families of U.S. service members and wounded warriors. So, if you bought a specially marked Eckrich product between May 1 and July 4, a portion of every one of those purchases (up to $200K) went to Operation Homefront. And earlier this summer, they also released a moving tribute video that highlights military family homecomings, set to the tune of Iron & Wine's "Love Vigilantes," originally by New Order. Check it out ...


Awww ... So so sweet, right? I love that a food company like this is lending its support to these families and spreading the word about Operation Homefront with a heartwarming viral video.

The VP of for Eckrich's parent company, John Morrell Food Group, Charles Gitkin explained the motivation:

This was an effort for us to show our appreciation to Operation Homefront and our military families. It's been wonderful to see so many others who have joined us in this support. We can only hope this video can touch more people and continue to make a difference and bring recognition to an amazing organization.

Definitely -- more power to them! It's not every day you're able to pick up your sausages while supporting such an important cause. But maybe it should be.

How awesome is this?!

Image via eckrich/YouTube

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