Onion Recall Expands to Over 100 Different Foods, So Toss Out That Salsa

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chopped onionsRemember that Trader Joe's recall we told you about two days ago for food containing chopped onions? Well, the onion Listeria outbreak may have spread beyond Trader Joe's shelves. Gill's Onions has expanded its recall to food products sold at several different grocery stores in 12 different states plus a couple Canadian provinces. Yikes!

Gills says it's just a "precautionary measure." Yeah. The kind of precautionary measure that affects over 100 different prepared food products! Do you even have time to examine that full list to see if you've got Listeria lingering in your refrigerator or store shelves?

This thing is so crazy and widespread it's almost hopeless trying to track it all, but it's still worth a try. If you've bought groceries from Publix, Trader Joe's, Wegmans, or Whole Foods lately and you're in Arizona, California, Colorado, Illinois, Montana, New York, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, or Washington, you'll want to check out the FDA's huge list of affected products.

Man, am I ever glad I make my own salsa -- and do most of my own cooking from scratch, for that matter. As I looked down that long, scary list, I was just grateful that I don't usually buy prepared foods. I'll chop my own onions, thank you very much!

But everyone, even obsessive home cooks like me, buys prepared foods every once in a while. I keep getting a certain brand of chicken pot-stickers because my son loves them and they give me a break. So I don't get to feel too smug here. Food contamination can happen to just about anyone.

August 2 Update: There's more! 13 other companies are issuing voluntary recalls.

Do you suspect you may have some of the recalled food in your kitchen right now?


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Saphr... SaphronScribble

This is why I get my fruit & veg from the farmer's market :) Obviously that doesn't guarentee it won't be contaminated, but I think it helps reduce the risk!

dixie... dixiechick2

Good thing we don't eat onions in my house!

Angela Hoffman Moss

Let's not forget about New Mexico, shall we? On the FDA recall list NM is listed as an affected state but you neglected to put it in the article. If you are going to list areas of concern please include all the information for your readers.

Jocelyn Amber Potts

Lets not forget that it's not fresh onions they're talking about- onions IN food are what they're recalling.
So, buying your onions fom the farmer's market will only help if you don't buy the canned/jarred food from the grocery store.

Brooke Eden Smith

You say that Publix stores are involved, but the states affected by the recall are all states where Publix has no presence. Can you clarify this?

momav... momavanessa

I buy a lot of things from Trader Joes but Onions we rarely get and we get them from the farmer Markets!

eevers55 eevers55

Not in any of those states, but still glad I get my onions from the farmer's market

nonmember avatar Amber

Umm... You only mentioned a few of the American states and stores. You said some Canadian provinces were affected. But you didn't list them or all of the American ones.

raven... ravensdreams

well one of the items I show listed was actual fresh onions they already chopped up and packaged that is infected I was wondering why I didn't see these in my store today and now I know why.

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