Tuna Sushi Recall Fails and Poisons 450

spicy tuna rollRemember that spicy tuna recall way back in April? In all, 425 people in 28 states got sick from salmonella contamination after eating packaged sushi made with "tuna scrape" -- basically tuna that's scraped off the bones and processed with spices. Yeah, well, turns out that was a recall FAIL.

What, pray tell, is a failed recall? It's what happens when you issue a recall of a food and people keep selling and serving it anyway! Apparently people kept getting sick after the April 13 recall. In fact, Huffington Post reports that the contaminated tuna was being sold as recently as two weeks ago. EW! How does that happen?


Supposedly the recently-sold tuna rolls may have been made with frozen contaminated tuna. As for why people were still selling it after the recall, who knows? Maybe it was just plain ignorance -- restaurant and store owners who thought they could "kill" the bacteria by freezing it. BZZZT! Sorry, wrong answer. Freezing food contaminated with salmonella will not kill that bacteria.

Now you know: You can't freeze away contamination. Freezing may kill off a few cells. And you may be able to kill enough of the salmonella through adequate heating. But the best way to avoid food poisoning is to avoid allowing to food to become contaminated in the first place.

I hope it was ignorance and not just willful ignorance that kept that contaminated tuna on the shelves for so long. Because there's a special place in hell reserved for people who knowingly sell contaminated food to people. And I'm sure it involves eternal infernal stomach cramping.

Did you know freezing won't kill salmonella?


Image via dyobmit/Flickr

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