6 Incredible Things You Can Do With a Cucumber

cucumbersAhh, cucumbers: So cool and refreshing, so sweet for a vegetable, so loaded with vitamins C and A. I can't seem to get enough of them this summer! Most of the time I'll just slice a chilled 'cuke and toss it with mint leaves, olive oil, and a little salt for a quick salad. And I love making these super-easy refrigerator pickles.

But I need some new cucumber ideas! I've been looking around and have found so many tasty recipes I can't wait to go grocery shopping again. Here are six of my favorite cucumber ideas.


Cucumber gazpacho. Cucumbers are one of the main ingredients in tomato gazpacho, but a restaurant in Brooklyn is serving a gazpacho that's all about the 'cuke. Here's a recipe for avocado and cucumber gazpacho, and another cucumber gazpacho recipe that's closer to the original.

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Cucumber sandwiches. Tea party anyone? I mean the English kind, not the political kind. How about an honest-to-goodness, traditional, English cucumber tea sandwich? Here are a few versions of cucumber sandwich recipes

Spicy cucumber salad. How about something hot and spicy to off-set the coolness of cucumbers? This cucumber salad recipe is for you adventurous eaters. And for that matter, Food52 has a zillion other cucumber recipes that look fantastic.

Cucumber melon salad. Something sweet instead of spicy? How about a melon and cucumber salad with mint vinaigrette.

Cold sesame noodles. Cucumbers are a must-have for this cool Asian noodle dish. Here's a recipe for cold sesame noodles with peanut butter.

Greek salad cucumber bites. These are so cute! Take the classic Greek salad and turn it into this easy little appetizer

What's your favorite way to have cucumbers?


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