Heroic Diner Saves Legendary Lobster From a Buttery Death

lobsterI love a good lobster yarn, don't you? This one will warm the very cockles of your heart. This week a lobster's life was saved. But not just any lobster: A 17-pound lobster named "Lucky Larry" who may be as old as 80-100 years. He was almost someone's dinner, but instead this living treasure has been returned to the ocean depths to swim another 20 years or so.

Don MacKenzie bought Larry from The Dock Restaurant in Connecticut, where the lobster was on the menu. Don paid a hefty price to liberate that crustacean. "For a lobster to live this long and avoid lobster traps, nets, lobster pots... he doesn't deserve a bib and butter," Don says.


That's why local kids named the lobster "Lucky Larry" -- because he'd gone so long without ever getting caught! I have no idea what Larry was doing on the menu. Maybe the restaurant just thought they'd get a huge price for such a big lobster since they're usually sold by the pound.

And Don did pay a lot for the lobster. He won't say how much exactly, just that it was "the most expensive lobster I've never eaten." He released Larry in a secret location in the Long Island Sound where he's confident the lobster will never be found. Free Larry!

I wonder if a lobster that old would even taste good? We usually eat animals that have just barely reached maturity because their meat is more tender than it is when they're older. The same can go for fish. So Larry may have had a lot of meat, but he probably would have been on the stringy side. Better to let him live out his days somewhere in the big blue and eat a much smaller, seven-year-old lobster instead. 

Do you agree that Lucky Larry deserved to have his life spared?


Image via Duncan Brown/Flickr

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