The Latest Yogurt Craze Is Headed Your Way, But Will You Like It?

greek yogurtFriends, Romans, prepare yourselves for a new invasion of dairy-based hype yumminess: Greek-style yogurt. It's been around since ancient times (um, I'm assuming...) but on American shores it's been flying under the radar. Until now. Seems like Greek-style yogurt is becoming a "thing."

Here in New York we've gotten a few new Greek-style yogurt "bars" -- just like those frozen yogurt bars with a dozen toppings of your choice: Chobani and the Yogurt Culture Company (owned by Dannon). But will people actually like super-thick yogurt topped with blueberries and pecans? This guy says you'll probably hate it but lie and say you love it. Whatever, man. I decided to put Greek to the test at our own CafeMom laboratory.


Just kidding, we don't have a laboratory. We have a kitchen. But I did invite the CafeMom staff to sample some "traditional" yogurt and some Greek yogurt from the nearby Yogurt Culture Company. No crazy toppings for this taste test -- just a simple drizzle of honey. I didn't tell anyone which was which, either. I just asked everyone to tell me which one they liked best, and why.

By the way, in case you're not familiar with it, Greek yogurt is just yogurt with some of the water strained out. This makes it extra thick. The advantage is that you can make it with low-fat milk, and then after you strain it it's way richer and creamier than you'd expect yogurt to be.

The results? The Greek-style yogurt was the overwhelming favorite! People said, "Great, love it." "Yum." "This is good -- great texture & tasty (even though I normally add fruit & sugar to plain yogurt)." "I like it a lot! It has real taste!" "I like the bitterness, but an aftertaste that is similar to chalk." (Oh well.) "A bit like sour cream... but not bad." There was one "yucky!" But then, the other yogurt got an "Ew!" Hey, what are you gonna do? Haters gonna hate. More for me.

Have you tried Greek-style yogurt? What did you think?


Image via Adriana Velez

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