World's Largest Daiquiri Could Get a Whole City Drunk (VIDEO)

giant daiquiriYou know what? It's been a really long day. Mama needs a cocktail. A big one. A really, really, super-humungoid, gigantor cocktail. Oh here's one! The World's Largest Daiquiri in honor of some "important" writer (Ernest Hemingway). Whatever. He's dead so I'll drink it for him.

But first I'm going to swim in it a little. Because it's that big. And because in addition to it being a long day, it's been a hot week. That drink looks even more refreshing than our office air conditioning. Would you like to take a closer look at my giant daiquiri/swimming pool?


That's some drink, right Ernie? Ernie? Oh yeah, dead. So anyway, no doubt you're wondering how you make a Spanish bull-sized daiquiri. Well, you'll need a couple of ladders. Also 10 bartenders and 10 blenders. Spend about half an hour pouring 71 gallons of ice, rum, lemon, and sugar slushee into a gigantic "glass" (better make that fiber-composite).

Okay, notice how the video ends with the bartenders easing the big, pink straw into the drink? That's because 12 seconds later I was diving right in and it just got ugly from there. Really, you do not want to see that footage. So embarrassing! In a delicious way. Can't wait for my next bender in Cuba. What's next, the 20-gallon mojito? Yessss.

What's your favorite blended cocktail?


Image via ITN News

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