Scott Disick's Restaurant May Be Tanking but He Still Shouldn't Listen to Kourtney

scott disick ryuPoor Scott Disick. His new restaurant RYU seems to be in trouble. The harsh critics of Yelp hate it -- they give it two stars out of five. And only four people have even bothered to write out their review. But hey, two stars is better than one ... um, right?

And now the National Enquirer (yeah, I know, but let's just go with it) is reporting that Scott's wife Kourtney Kardashian wants him to ditch RYU altogether. RYU is just the latest in a string of failed business ventures and Kourtney is supposedly losing patience. A source says Scott "was hoping his fame would make RYU a success, but it hasn't worked out that way." Yep, sometimes that Kardashian magic ends up biting you in the ass.

But hey, not so fast! I think Scott needs to give RYU a solid chance. He could make it work -- in fact, he should try to make it work.


You can pretty much see how this whole thing unfolded, right? One day Scott thinks to himself, "Say, I think I'll go and make myself a restaurant! I'll just feed it money and other people will cook the food and we'll all get rich and buy more dandy canes and pocket squares." As if he'd never heard about the high stakes and narrow profit margins for just about every restaurant in New York City. Months and millions later he's way in over his head and realizing there's a hell of a lot more to the restaurant biz than his teeny, well-coiffed little head ever imagined.

But he's already gotten started. It's a business, and it's running. And it's not over, not yet. Everyone loves a comeback story! Wouldn't it be amazing if Scott got seriously determined, got off the reality TV merry-go-round, and started working on changing everything that's disappointing about his restaurant? (Psst, see the Yelp reviews for clues.)

As a GROWNUP Scott can't afford to walk away at this point and write off RYU as just another failure. He needs to prove he's got what it takes to give his business his all. And even if he still fails, at least he'll fail with dignity -- as someone who tried his best, not someone who walked away when a Kardashian told him to.

Come to think of it -- saving his restaurant might make an amazing reality TV show! Oh god, what am I SAYING?!? Forget I suggested such a thing. Bad idea, bad idea. Back to work, Disick, without the cameras.

Do you think Scott could save his restaurant if he really tried, or should he just throw in the towel?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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