80-Year-Old Granny Fights Off Grocery Store Thieves With Mangoes (VIDEO)

mangoesIf you happened to be caught in a grocery store when it was being robbed, what would your weapon of choice for self-defense be? Eighty-year-old Otilia Martins bravely picked fruit -- specifically mangoes and a bag of apples -- as hers!

Martins was shopping at her family's store, Continental Market in New Bedford, Massachusetts when two men entered the store and held up a cashier at gunpoint. But these guys had met their match in Martins. Although she was initially injured by the men, she began hurling mangoes at the man wielding the gun! And oh yes, there is footage from the store's security cam ...


Crazy! Who would have ever thought of mangoes as a weapon?! Then again, when you're faced with a scary, potentially life-threatening situation and trying to defend yourself, nothing is out of the question. Even food.

Although it's unclear if her mango assault actually resulted in slowing the criminals down (the suspects were caught by police later on, after a 15-minute chase ...), we still gotta root for this granny! It takes serious guts to attempt to thwart a robbery with tropical fruit!

Do you give this granny props for hurling mangoes at the robbers?

Image via FutureExpat/Flickr

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