Gross Hidden Ingredients In Your Food Will Make You Sick

cerealSo I really, really hope you're not eating any sort of food-type item while you read this. Unless, that is, you're trying to lose weight. Because you know that thing you have called an appetite? Kiss it goodbye! Here's why: As it turns out, Pink Slime is far from alone in the "incomprehensibly nasty stuff that shouldn't be in your food but IS" category. Far, far from alone. In fact, it's getting kinda crowded up in here.

Just in case you ARE eating and would like to continue eating, I'll wait until after the jump to tell you, specifically, what nasty stuff is hiding in your food (ha! How's that for a "spoiler" alert?). I'll just tell you which foods to watch out for. Ready? Here goes: Candy, aspirin, chicken, gum, cereal, bread, cheese, beer and fruit.

(You just spit your sandwich out on the keyboard, didn't you?)


Okay, now for the really gross part. From shellac made from beetle juice (candy, aspirin, fruit) to anti-depressants and other over-the-counter and prescription drugs (chicken) to sheep oil (gum) to wood pulp (cereal) to feathers (bread) to hog stomach gland extract (cheese) to fish bladders (beer), none of these disgusting additives accidentally fell in a mixing vat or something. All of these questionable ingredients are in there ON PURPOSE.

That's right, they all serve some sort of purpose (the shine on candy, say, or the fiber in cereal) that could most likely be better served with not-so-blech ingredients for not-so-little money. In other words, cheapskate food producers are responsible for that belly full of feathers and fish bladders you've got there.

What's the moral of this horror story? Well, here's a tip: Most of these ingredients masquerade on labels as less nefarious-sounding items (gum base=sheep oil, cellulose=wood pulp), so do some research before you buy. Beyond that, well ... just cross your fingers and hope for the best with every bite, I guess.

Which of these gross hidden ingredients grosses you out the most?


Image via laffy4k/Flickr

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