Ordering Food Online Will Make You Fat and Broke

Ordering takeoutOrder food online a lot? You may be starting to see a difference and I'm not just talking about your bank account. A new study reveals that people who order food online are much less inhibited. In other words, they're less concerned about what they're ordering, and too busy fantasizing about whatever that may be ... being in their mouth.

Errrrm, so let me get this straight: Ordering food in makes me a fatty no friends? Shit.


I guess it makes sense if you think about it. When you're ordering food from the comforts of home, you're pretty much set. You don't have to cook it, so it can be anything. The world, your oyster. When anything is your option, that opens up a LOT of calorie doors. Before you know it, you're choosing Chinese takeout over a salad from the local steakhouse down the street simply because it's NOT something you could of made yourself. Suddenly, you're chubbier.

Sigh. I guess if you're a takeout fan, it's all about self control. Really, there are ways to cut the calorie overload down a bit. If I'm prone to order fattier items when I'm doing so couch-side, then perhaps the trick is splitting an order in half and saving the leftovers for the next day. Or, maybe it's time to learn how to make that awesome pad Thai dish at home, and cut out half the fatty oils. Ahhh, takeout as inspiration, I like it. Strategy is key, my friends.

Do you often order food online? What do you usually go for?


Image via stevendepolo/Flickr

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