Toast Stolen From Prince Charles & Diana's Wedding Day Breakfast Sells for $360

toastAll of us can recall how wacky people got leading up to this century's royal wedding extravaganza. But about 30 years prior, the whole world was completely, crazy obsessed with Lady Diana and Prince Charles's 1981 nuptials. Everyone wanted their own piece of the fairy tale action. Literally. And one woman took it to what some might consider an extreme.

Rosemarie Smith, the mother of a Buckingham Palace maid, claims to have swiped a piece of toast from the breakfast of Prince Charles the day he married Di. She was visiting her daughter at the time on July 29, 1981. And the toast -- believed to have been well-preserved, because it had not been buttered and the toasting had dried it out (hah) -- just garnered the U.S. equivalent of $360 at auction! How totally weird, right?!


Smith explained to the BBC:

I saw Prince Charles had left some toast on the tray. I had been thinking about a keepsake from the wedding and saw the toast and thought to myself: 'Why not?'

Okay, saving food from your own wedding as a memento isn't that crazy. I know my parents kept candies from their 1976 wedding for at least 15-20 years in a deep freezer. Preserving a slice of cake probably is pretty common, too -- at least for a year to enjoy on your first anniversary. 

But this is obviously a whole different story and level of bizarre. Then again, the fascination with Di and Charles' wedding had reached such a fever pitch, can you blame Smith for going to such an extreme? Personally, I don't understand why the woman didn't go for a napkin or flatware, but hey, whatever! Given that the 31-year-old piece of bread is even being auctioned at all proves she wasn't totally off her rocker to nab it!

Have you ever saved food as a keepsake?

Image via Think YUM!/Flickr

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