6 Winning Olympics-Themed Dishes to Feed Your Fever for the 2012 Games

Olympic Rings CookiesThe countdown is on to the 2012 Olympic games, and I couldn't be more excited. I can't wait to hear the inspirational stories and see all that hard work and determination play out on the field, trampoline, or other venues that will be the stage for the various games.

In preparation for the competitions, I've been thinking food -- awesome Olympics-themed food.  I've collected a host of recipes to serve throughout the games for various gatherings and to make viewing more fun. These festive dishes may not be the fuel of champions, but they will certainly feed your Olympics fever.


Shortbread Gold Medal Cookies

These adorable and tasty little cookies let everyone get a taste of the gold. I love how the ribbons are threaded through them.

Real English Fish and Chips

Since London is hosting and all, this makes an excellent main course.

Champion Chocolate Cake

A delicious and moist cake for any time, but the addition of the multi-colored rings done in M&Ms make this one a sure winner.

Olympic Rings Pizza

The ones shown on this pie are made of pepperoni, but you could go crazy with multi-colored peppers or other toppings to create the famous rings.

Olympic Torch Cone Cakes

Let everyone carry their own torch with these adorable cupcakes in a cone. Sliced fruit sits on top to mimic the flames.

Olympic Ring Cookies

Easy and adorable, these cookies look great on any table. You can either use food coloring in the cookies as this recipe calls for, or just do it in the frosting as in the picture above. Either way, they're winning!

Any great Olympics-themed foods to add to the list?


Image via midiman/Flickr



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