6 Weirdest State Fair Foods That Make Fried Kool-Aid Look Normal (PHOTOS)

deep fried bubblegum
Deep Fried Bubblegum
Come one, come all for funnel cakes, corn dogs, deep-fried Oreos, and giant grilled turkey legs! State fair season is upon us. Throngs of Americans are strolling fairgrounds all over the country and sampling pretty much anything that can be pinned down, battered, and fried. And while the classics call to most of us, there are those few, those proud, the wacky fair foodstuffs that are maybe better appreciated with the eyes than with the belly.

Check out these six foods from state and county fairs. I hope you've already had lunch.

Image via Collin Harvey/Flickr

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UKFan136 UKFan136

I wouldn't think twice about ordering that pulled pork parfait! :)

bills... billsfan1104

I would eat all the bacon one. I have had the taco in a bag, and its great, and the deep fried autumn sounds great.

Can you guys please do without the slide show. It makes it hard on the cell phone?

DebaLa DebaLa

Only in State Fairdom would grease, flour and sugar replace the the 5 basic food groups. There's a special category for mixing all of them, or flat out killing you.

ivego... ivegotrhythm

Love fair food Andrew would love to see the pics but I don't do slideshows. Anyway, junk food once a year isn't going to hurt you. It's how you eat on a regular basis that counts.

ivego... ivegotrhythm

*have no idea where the "Andrew " came from *

Todd Vrancic

^^^I don't know, but it was hilarious!^^^

tinyp... tinypossum

That pork parfait is barf-making, but I'll take bacon any way it comes.

bills... billsfan1104

Tiny, I agree. I heart bacon. There is this market in buffali where you get Polish Bacon and its salty and sweet. Yummy. And then I found the bacon at Sav-alot. Its was cheap bacon, but the best.

nonmember avatar zizzler

and autocorrects to Andrew, lol. DYAC! I looove fair food and I'm in really good shape so I get to eat as much as I want and regret nothing!! :D nom nom nom

Whitn... WhitneySM

The pulled pork thing, chocolate covered bacon, and that taste of autumn thing all look pretty good. The grossest looking is the deep fried salsa. Blech.

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