Chef's Hilarious 'Chick-fil-Gay' Sandwich Pokes Fun at Chain's Anti-Gay Views (VIDEO)

chick-fil-gay alternative hilah johnsonLots of Chick-fil-A fans in this country are facing a serious conundrum after the chain's president Dan Cathy confirmed what we've suspected all along: The company is vehemently anti-gay marriage. Although the chain recently posted on their Facebook page, "Going forward, our intent is to leave the policy debate over same-sex marriage to the government and political arena," customers can't be confident that the cash they're forking over for their combo meal isn't going to end up supporting anti-gay organizations like Exodus International and the Family Research Council, given the company's track record!

But if you're pro-gay and you still can't stop being koo-koo for Chick-fil-A's signature fried chicken sandwiches, what are you supposed to do to get your fix?! Make your own alternative version ... coined the "Chick-fil-Gay" by hilarious YouTube chef and comedian Hilah Johnson!


Top three reasons why the Chick-fil-Gay beats the "real thing":

  1. As Hilah points out, the best time for a fried chicken sandwich is Sunday morning. But who is closed on Sunday morning? Chick-fil-A! But you can eat the Chick-fil-Gay anytime!
  2. The copycat version has "less sugar, less salt, and less funding for anti-human-equality organizations." Plus, instead of being prepared with MSG -- ick -- this chicken is marinated in pickle juice!!
  3. It'll probably even satisfy the cravings of these fierce, Chick-fil-A lovin' drag queens. (Remember them?! Amaaazing!)

You can check out Hilah's video, with full instructions for a DIY Chick-fil-Gay sandwich here:

I have two words for you: "Yum!" and "LOL!" Someone give this woman her own Food Network show!

Would you rather make the "Chick-fil-Gay" than patronize Chick-fil-A?


Image via HilahCooking/YouTube

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