Chef's Hilarious 'Chick-fil-Gay' Sandwich Pokes Fun at Chain's Anti-Gay Views (VIDEO)

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chick-fil-gay alternative hilah johnsonLots of Chick-fil-A fans in this country are facing a serious conundrum after the chain's president Dan Cathy confirmed what we've suspected all along: The company is vehemently anti-gay marriage. Although the chain recently posted on their Facebook page, "Going forward, our intent is to leave the policy debate over same-sex marriage to the government and political arena," customers can't be confident that the cash they're forking over for their combo meal isn't going to end up supporting anti-gay organizations like Exodus International and the Family Research Council, given the company's track record!

But if you're pro-gay and you still can't stop being koo-koo for Chick-fil-A's signature fried chicken sandwiches, what are you supposed to do to get your fix?! Make your own alternative version ... coined the "Chick-fil-Gay" by hilarious YouTube chef and comedian Hilah Johnson!

Top three reasons why the Chick-fil-Gay beats the "real thing":

  1. As Hilah points out, the best time for a fried chicken sandwich is Sunday morning. But who is closed on Sunday morning? Chick-fil-A! But you can eat the Chick-fil-Gay anytime!
  2. The copycat version has "less sugar, less salt, and less funding for anti-human-equality organizations." Plus, instead of being prepared with MSG -- ick -- this chicken is marinated in pickle juice!!
  3. It'll probably even satisfy the cravings of these fierce, Chick-fil-A lovin' drag queens. (Remember them?! Amaaazing!)

You can check out Hilah's video, with full instructions for a DIY Chick-fil-Gay sandwich here:

I have two words for you: "Yum!" and "LOL!" Someone give this woman her own Food Network show!

Would you rather make the "Chick-fil-Gay" than patronize Chick-fil-A?


Image via HilahCooking/YouTube

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Evaly... EvalynCarnate

I'd try that recipe. I never thought of marinading the chicken in pickle juice :-p

nonmember avatar Megan B

This is so annoying. I support legalized gay marriage because they have every right do as they please when not harming anyone. Being anti gay marriage is stupid to me as even the bible says God let them over to their lusts to do as they pleased.
However the extreme whining and fussing that is being made about this has encouraged me to eat at Chik fil a every night this week. Will continue to do so at whim, it's worth the extra work out hours just to do my part to negate the biggest overly sensitive cry fest group in American history, next only to the bible belt Christians.

paren... parentalrights1

If you support gay marriage, but you give money to a company that actively donates millions to anti gay organizations, then you're nothing but a hypocrite and you're helping idiots hurt gay people.

Not very good people do that.

dynom... dynomitesmall

I agree this is stupid. It is impossible to find any retailer, restaraunt, or service provider who 100% agrees with every person's personal beliefs. If we boycott everybody we don't agree with we would never go anywhere or do anything.

fleur... fleurdelys3110

Maressa, why do you advocate a boycott for Chick-Fil-A, who is anti-gay marriage, but you laugh at a boycott against Oreo, who released a rainbow pro-gay marriage cookie? You are a ball of contradictions and think your opinions are more valuable and correct than the opinions of someone who disagrees with you. Not a good trait, Maressa, not a good one at all.

the4m... the4mutts

I don't eat much fast food, and when I drive by chik-fil-a, it STINKS! Smells like burned roadkill.

I will never eat at a place that stinks, no matter what they give money to, even if they gave it to me.

nonmember avatar Megan B

Parentalrights, you calling me a hypocrite totally opened my eyes and changed my mind... or not.
Please show me or tell me where these people and their 'millions' have any REAL effect on harming gay people? Yes they are promoting a cause that ALREADY like minded people agree with. That's life, people (large groups of them) don't have to agree with you. They will not change the minds of gay people, nor sway anyone's vote who isn't already supporting them. They aren't taking away gay relationships.
No matter what the fundamentalists do to share their sentiment to the people, it won't change the fact that gay people WILL have the right to marry soon. And if not, it's because not enough of the country supports it legally of their own conviction, not because fundamentalist groups got chicken sandwich money and advertised.

nonmember avatar Megan B

And lets be fair, it's merely inhibiting gay people, not harming them. Hurting feelings and dreams yes. Harm would be not letting them vote, work, binding them in slavery and segregation, etc. Crying and saying they are being discriminated against and comparing themselves to past groups(like the previous groups of people) simply because they can't legally marry the person they can legally join union with, date love and sex, is something not very mature people do.
They are being harmed by this movement just about as much as the Christians are being harmed by their movement: Not at all. They are simply making each others ideal lives uncomfortable. And in the end, equal rights will prevail.
Would you also call a person who disagrees with gay marriage but who votes to allow it based on freedom of choice a hypocrite? Or is hypocrite only reserved when it's supporting something you don't agree with?

Janice Gregg

Yeah, the waffle fries are pretty good but I remain completely unconflicted.

The privately held, family owned Chick-fil-A is certainly free to flex its evangelical Christian muscles, just as I'm free to decide that Chick-fil-A leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

cecil... cecilmansmom


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