6 Mouthwatering Things You Can Do With Blueberries

blueberry cupcakeGrowing up in Chicago, my family took summer vacations on the beach in Michigan, where "U-Pick" blueberry farms were all over the place! We'd go and amass TONS to take home and eat by the handful. Who needs candy when you've got such sweet freshly picked blueberries? YUM.

To this day, there's no summer fruit I love more than blueberries, and it saddens me that they're only in season for a short time. But while they're in season, why not make the most of them? Let's check out six perfectly delectable ways to use blueberries this summer ...

  1. Mini blueberry pies - Pie's an obvious choice when you've got tons of blueberries at your disposal -- and sure, you could do it just as easily with frozen ones anytime of year -- but nothing beats a fresh blueberry pie. Especially in miniature form! Not to mention that making your own sure beats buying one from the grocery store replete with high-fructose corn syrup! Here's a fab recipe for adorable lil' blueberry pies.
  2. Blueberry cupcakes - Everyone's had a blueberry muffin at some time or another, but blueberry cupcakes? With a secret ingredient that gives them a pound cake-like texture? Sign me up!
  3. Blueberry mojito - Nothing beats a refreshing cocktail by the pool or on the beach. Well, except maybe a refreshing cocktail made with fresh fruit -- namely, blueberries! As someone who has had her fair share of these perfectly sweet and tart concoctions already this summer, I highly recommend you mix one up STAT!
  4. Blueberry, chicken & feta pasta salad - Okay, so the combo seems a little ... experimental, let's say, but if you want a light, refreshing summer dinner bursting with antioxidants and protein, it's a super choice.
  5. Blueberry foccacia - This multi-tasking recipe is sweet (thanks to a lemon sugar topping), but it could also work in a savory way if you were to add some sharp cheddar. So in other words you can eat it for dessert, breakfast, a snack, or whenever you please!
  6. Blueberry yogurt smoothie - When you want a "better-for-you" ice cream-y fix, this Pioneer Woman recipe is perfect!

What's your favorite blueberry recipe?

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