Starbucks' New Bug-Free Strawberry Frappuccino Revealed (PHOTOS)

starbucks strawberry frappucchinoGood news: Starbucks' bug-free strawberry frappuccinos are now in stores! You may remember a few months ago the scandal about that red food coloring Starbucks was using for their drinks. Turns out that ruby hue came from the cochineal beetle. Customers were outraged and Starbucks promised to phase out the coloring and start using a red derived from lycopene, which comes from tomatoes.

And now, supposedly, the phase-in should be complete. So -- what do you think? Do the two drinks look pretty much the same? I took a "before" photo of a beetle-colored frapp back in April and then a new tomato-colored frapp today. You can see the difference below.


starbucks strawberry frappucchino
Left: Frapp in April. Right: Frapp today.

They don't look too different, do they? Keep in mind that the lighting is slightly different in the second photo. I think the new strawberry frapp looks just as pink, maybe even more so. I don't think the color suffered at all from this change.

As for the taste -- our tasting panel here at The Stir did not detect a tomato flavor or anything that tasted "off." Just the usual semi-fake strawberry flavor the frapp has always had.

So there you have it. Bug-free strawberry frappuccino is pretty much the same as it was before! As you were, 'Bucksters.

Are you more likely to try a strawberry frappucchino now that it's bug-free?


Images via Adriana Velez

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