5 Creepiest Food Mascots That Make Us Lose Our Appetite

pedobearAll together now: Who are the ad wizards who came up with that one?! There's nothing funnier than an embarrassingly awkward advertising fumble, and this recent, um, oversight by Kit Kat does NOT disappoint. To launch the brand's Instagram account, the folks over at Kit Kat chose a photo of a guy in a bear suit playing the drums (using packages of Kit Kats as drum sticks). Unfortunately, the bear-suited drummer bore a disturbingly close resemblance to ... Pedobear. That's right, the unofficial cartoon bear mascot of child molesters everywhere.

Kit Kat took the photo down when people complained, claiming no previous knowledge of Pedobear. Oops! Still, they shouldn't feel too bad about their mistake. It's not like this was the first creepy food-promoting character to come along. We've been subjected to scary snacktime "friends" for years!

I'm willing to bet you still have the occasional nightmare about these ill-advised advertisements ...

Image via Dave Fayram/Flickr

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