You'll Never Believe What They're Doing With Mashed Potatoes Now (VIDEO)

mashed potato machineI can't believe this is happening to mashed potatoes. There is a new Slurpee-style machine that oozes out mashed potatoes into a waiting cup below at the touch of a button. Gravy is optional. It's the most brilliant/horrible way to enjoy mashed potatoes since Richard Dreyfuss built a mashed potato mountain in the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Has it really come to this, mashed potatoes? We're squeezing you out of a machine into a paper cup at the same place where you purchase gasoline? Oh how the potato has fallen. It was kind of a lowly vegetable to begin with -- but it does not deserve this indignity. Check out the mashed action below.


Ew, that liquid dribbling you get at the end? Shudder. How could this possibly be any good? And you know they just reconstitute potato flakes. Ain't no fresh potatoes being mashed for this glop. God knows what the gravy is made out of. Maybe some of that gasoline.

Food squirted out of a machine is a humiliation that should be reserved only for already-fake foods like Slurpees. What is that -- sugar, ice, flavoring? Fine. Perfectly acceptable. But this? This just makes me feel sad for potatoes.

Dear potatoes. I'm sorry this is happening to you. Maybe others will recognize this as potato abuse and put a stop to it. But probably not. At least this weird machine is limited to 7-11 stores in Singapore -- for now!

What do you think of the mashed potato machine? Would you try it?


Image via kkuah1973/YouTube

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