Obama's Favorite Girl Scout Cookie Reveals the Truth About Our President (VIDEO)

obama talking about thin mints cincinnatiThere's no shortage of BIG, hefty, hard-hitting questions in this year's presidential election. But one little girl named Julie had a doozy for President Obama during a campaign event in Cincinnati this week. Julie asked our POTUS point blank ... what his favorite Girl Scout cookie is!

Hey, her Q may not have anything to do with pressing domestic or world affairs, but as the President said, it's certainly a tough question! And you know, you can actually learn a lot about someone from their most-loved Girl Scout cookie -- be it a Thin Mint, Samoa, or Do-si-do! So, can you guess which variety President Obama's "pretty partial" to?


Turns out he enjoys Thin Mints! Well, come on, who isn't?! They're only the #1 best-selling Girl Scout cookies -- and for good reason. They're delicious and so versatile and like a whole different frozen treat after they've spent some QT in the freezer. Being that they're the mainstream fave, I'd venture to say Obama's choice of Girl Scout cookie must mean he's a populist

But even though he was going with the majority vote on this one, the response to his answer wasn't 100 percent favorable. Someone actually booed! Whaaat?! The President expressed amused dismay, laughing and saying:

I didn't mean to create controversy here. Did you hear, there was somebody booing? What was your choice? Who was booing up there? He had a different opinion. What are you, oatmeal?

Ha! It's hilarious that this topic is much more contentious than you would think. As it turned out, the boo-er was loyal to Peanut Butter Patties/Tagalongs, which Obama understood, responding, "Peanut butter is quite good too. But I'm going with the mint." Love it!

Here's the cute clip of Obama taking Julie's surprisingly controversial Q ...


What's your favorite Girl Scout cookie? What do you think it says about you?


Image via AP/YouTube

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