Hilarious Citrus Sprayer Will Solve the Fruit Juice Problem You Didn’t Know You Had (VIDEO)

citrus sprayerHow many times have you wanted to splash a little lemon juice on your salad, but couldn't be bothered with the painfully arduous task of cutting a lemon and squeezing out some juice? Billions, I'm sure. That's why the guys at Vat19.com came up with the Citrus Fruit Sprayer.

For under 5 bucks, you can have your very own spray nozzle with serrated teeth that you stick into fruit to tap the juice. It's as easy as goddamnit this thing's impossible to push in! Followed by a why isn't it spraying? is it clogged? And finished with a I'm not getting so much a schhh, schhh spray as I am a gurgle, gurgle drip.


Basically, the citrus sprayer is one of those things you have to buy even though you know it won't work. Just like that damn ShamWow. (Yeah, it sops up a lot of liquid, but it does not dry in seconds, people.)

Apparently, I'm not the only one who's lured by this sure-to-disappoint product -- it's sold out online. Celebrity "chef" Rocco DiSpirito is hawking the sprayer on Twitter with odd earnestness, making the citrus sprayer even harder to resist. Anything with a C-list endorser that promises a future of lightly citrusized meals has my attention.

Added bonus? Natural sun-in. Spray some lemon on your hair and, boom, highlights.

If I could back order it, I would.

Watch the commercial and make your own decision. Think the citrus sprayer is just what you need, just what you don't, or a happy little combo of the two?


Photo via vat19.com/YouTube

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