Easy & Irresistible Homemade Butterfinger Bars With Just 3 Ingredients

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butterfinger barsIf you like Butterfinger candy bars (and who doesn't?), you are going to flip for this homemade version of the candy. No offense to Nestle, but these are arguably even better than the real thing, which is saying a lot.

The recipe is from Plain chicken, and it couldn't be easier. No really -- it takes just three ingredients. Yes, with just peanut butter, chocolate, and the surprising ingredient -- candy corn -- you can make these impressive treats. I thought the candy corn sounded odd, and I'm not really a fan of it by itself, but in these it works ... very well.

Homemade Butterfinger Bars

1 lb. candy corn
16oz jar peanut butter (I used Peter Pan Honey Roasted peanut butter)
16oz pkg. chocolate candy coating

Melt candy corn in microwave on high 1 minute.

Stir and continue cooking in 15-second intervals til melted, stirring after each interval. Stir in peanut butter.

Spread mixture in an 8x8 pan lined with parchment.

Cool completely. Cut into squares. Dip in melted chocolate candy coating. Lay on waxed paper to set.


Image via Plain Chicken

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nonmember avatar Amber

Where did you find candy corn in July??

erin1... erin120281

in the candy isle at stores usually like 1.00 for a small bag I always see it at stores but its a cheap brand name usually

stork... storkneedsgps

I wish your mobile had a pin it button! I'm totally making these this Halloween!

rebec... rebecca_tal4

sounds good. i love butterfingers. especially the new butterfinger bites. yum. but candy corn gives me a massive headache :(

nonmember avatar Bumblebee

What is chocolate candy coating?

Fondue Fondue

Wilton, and a few others, make chocolate candy coating.  You can find it at craft stores like Joann's, Michael's, Hobby Lobby.  It'll be in the cake/candy making aisle.

dusky... dusky_rose

Yummy! Wondering if these have the texture of butterfingers though.

daerc... daerca574

they look almost soft, I love the crunch of butterfingers.

Bob192 Bob192

Wow, those look good!

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