Family Honors Man's Dying Wish & Gives Pizza Server One Helluva Tip (VIDEO)

moneyAaron Collins' dying wish was to give a $500 tip to a waiter or a waitress at a pizza joint. Collins, 30, died earlier this week, and his family members fulfilled the request he'd outlined in his will and went over to their local pizza joint in Lexington, Kentucky and surprised one very lucky, and very grateful, young server.

Aaron's brother Seth raised the money by setting up a website asking for donations, and the rest, as they say, is $500 tip history. The video of the waitress receiving the tip has gone viral and more and more donations have been pouring in. As of this morning, there's over $10,000 in the Aaron Collins fund.


The family says that they'll continue to leave $500 tips for servers with all the money they've received. They'll continue to pay it forward, just like Aaron wanted. By my math, 20 waiters and waitresses are about to get the surprise of their lifetime.

Watch the first $500 tip be given to a waitress in Aaron's honor. It's a great, uplifting way to start your weekend. The waitress explains that she's going to continue the act of random kindness and share the tip with the guys in the kitchen.

Bonus, it makes you want to do the same, and order pizza for dinner.

What do you do to pay it forward?


Photo via BuzzFarmer/Flickr

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