On-Demand Ice Cream Is the Best Idea I've Ever Heard in My Life (VIDEO)

uber ice cream truckBasically, I am completely and totally heartbroken over missing what could have been the most amazing summertime experience: Today, apparently, was On-Demand Ice Cream Truck Day. ON-DEMAND ICE CREAM TRUCK DAY?!?! Oh, if only I'd known sooner!! It's like that daydream you had when you were a sweaty little kid in dire need of a cone -- you'd wave your magic wand or blink your eyes like Jeannie or wiggle your nose like Samantha and TA-DA! The ice cream truck would come rolling on up to your front door, bells-a-jingling.

Except that in this case, the on-demand car service Uber decided to offer ice cream trucks for a day -- but instead of waving a wand, all you had to do was download the app, press the "ice cream button," and TA-DA! A bunch of ice cream. For like, 12 bucks!!!


But alas, today has come and gone (and if you don't live in Boston, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Toronto, or Washington, DC you didn't have a shot anyway). Still, maybe this concept will catch on! Maybe on-demand food trucks will become -- be still my heart -- the next big thing. Imagine how life-changing it would be if these trucks existed:

On-Demand Starbucks Truck

On-Demand Frozen Margarita Truck

On-Demand Cupcake Truck

On-Demand Juice Truck (hey, sometimes you need to cleanse)

On-Demand Artisinal Donut Truck

The mind reels! I'd be running after those trucks like the people in this video:

What kind of on-demand food truck do you wish existed?


Image via UberWorldwide/YouTube

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